Covid-19 Update

Travel Alert: Kindly note that if your travel isn’t scheduled for the next 7 days, consider holding off on calling our customer care team. This is in order to help us serve the customers in need of immediate assistance. We are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes as well as emails on all our contact channels due to the pandemic outbreak.
If you wish to check the latest COVID-19 travel updates and advisories regarding destinations and flights, kindly check Foreign and Commonwealth Office at
Due to the constant change in the number of cases, most airlines are continuously reviewing and changing their guidelines for travel. This is why if you aren’t travelling in the next 7 days, we suggest you hold off calling our customer care team to garner information about the same. This is why the normal policies regarding the same shall be applicable, without any exceptions.
You can choose to contact your travel insurers if your policy covers cancellations due to the current scenario.
Our primary COVID-19 Policy
Our customers are entitled to one free date change or a refund of them similar amount that they have previously paid. The customer doesn’t even have to pay the entire sum in one go, they can fix easy monthly instalments for the same. This is as a plan of action in order to encounter a possible second wave of the pandemic.
Travel Advice: We strongly advice all travellers to check travel restrictions for the destination they are travelling to, looking out for bans and other policies.
We further advice all our customers to submit their queries to because of an overload on our telephone lines and other contact channels.
Before you travel

  • Check your flight status on the airline, and find out if your flight is on time
  • You may also check with the airport for any special traveller advice
  • Ensure that you reach the airport on time, even a little before if possible considering the airport might subject you to additional screening
  • Check with your travel insurance policy if there are any cancellations or changes in the same due to unforeseen events
  • Update your contact details at the “Manage my trip” section with the airline
  • In case there are non policies in place for cancel or change fee waive, you shall be subject to the usual airline guidelines including the relevant penalty fees

Covid Test before travel
Every destination has a different set of rules put in place to ensure the safety of the travelers. This is why depending upon the place you’re travelling to, the Covid policies will also differ. You need to make sure that you read about your destination so that you can get a Covid test done beforehand if required.
Where to get the COVID test done?
There are several private and government service providers that conduct COVID tests. You can choose to either go to the clinic or ask for home COVID test services according to our convenience. Prices for the same may vary according to what you choose.
COVID results not received on time
If you have an impending travel it is essential that you clarify with your COVID testing service provider about the date of the result. Even though we can’t be held responsible for these delays, we would definitely assist you as to what can be done next according to the guidelines from the airline you book with.
How safe is air travel at the moment?
There is a strict adherence of guidelines by all airlines, wearing masks and maintaining social distance is mandatory and is slowly becoming the “new normal”. The cleaning procedures as well as the audit inspections of the same have become way more profound and thorough. HEPA filters have been fitted in all major aircrafts, to prevent the spread of bacterial contamination.
Has the airport experienced changed drastically?
No denying the fact that major changes have been made in the way things are done, however airlines and airport authorities are trying their best to ensure that there is no inconvenience caused to the travelers because of the same.
Passengers are encouraged to use online check-in and contactless payment methods as much as possible
Retail services available have been limited as well as, as well as markings, instructions and directions are in order to ensure social distancing and wearing of masks at all times
Screening procedures have been put in place, which has most affected the waiting time, which differs from one airport to another
Hand luggage may have to be checked in to the hold luggage, this may differ from one carrier to another, so you need to confirm it beforehand
Food on flight policy
Majority of airlines have reduced this to pre-packed meals and snacking options. In some cases alcohol is no longer being served. This is all in an endeavour to minimize the contact between cabin crew and the passengers. This differs from one airline to another, as well as the duration of your flight and so on.
On the holiday!
Once you have reached your holiday destination, you are advised to follow basic rules of social distancing and masks as well as keeping a sanitizer handy at all times. Besides this, let’s have a look at some other situations:

  • If you happen to feel unwell, on your holiday
  • If you have any questions regarding how your hotel experience is going to chance
  • What if another guest at the property you stay in tested positive?

Each hotel has separate policies and plan of action to deal with the current situation and it is advisable that you check with the property and they will guide you appropriately on the same. Some hotels have separate isolation rooms in case you’re feeling unwell, or if someone’s suspected to be infected. It is solely based on the hotel policies what services they provide for their guests, and whether it is payable or free of cost. Though we cannot be held responsible for the same, we would do everything to assist you with how to go about things in such a situation.
Before you travel back home

  • 48 hours prior to returning to U.K. you are required to fill a PASSENGER LOCATOR form which has to be presented in the form of a print out or on your mobile phone before reaching border control. You can find the form along with all relevant information. Click here for form.
  • You are currently not required to go through a COVID test on your return to the U.K. These policies are also subject to change at any given point of time considering the dynamic nature of the situation at hand.
  • Self isolation on reaching the U.K. will depend upon the destination you have travelled from and the government policies at that given point of time. You will need to confirm with the customer care or airport authorities about the same while you travel.

Will my travel insurance cover Covid 19?
Your travel insurance may or may not cover COVID treatment expenses; some may bear cancellation costs due to COVID etc. You need to confirm your insurance plan before hand to ensure that your interests are safe.
Government Guidance

Airline Policies:


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